uber. as in. di ko maubos isip kung paano nangyari ang lahat. as if oblivious ang byuti ko sa weder, as if ako si supergirl na di tinatablan ng bayrus. as if di ako kayang igupo ng panahon dahil matatag ang panlaban ko sa sakit. pero hello? bigla na lang kumapal muna ang throat ko. sey ko , ah baka kalyo lang. pero wait ka lang at maya-maya'y humapdi na. tapos parusa na ang lumunok ng laway! sey ko, haller? suka at sili lang ang katapat nito. pero wiz pa rin. kevs ko pa rin, farthest from my mind na tawagan si duktura para kumunsulta uber da pown. then, ayun na unti-unti tumaas ang temperatura ng juding , and i mean in a bad way! wit pa rin ako take ng gamot. tiniis ko pa rin at pinakiramdaman ang byutipol badi ko. hanggang on the 3rd day , di ko na kaya. supermaga na throat ko, tapos fluctuating na ang fever. doon na ako lumaklak ng gamot. at dahil sa kagagahan ko, naglinger tuloy ang flu. at naagapan naman, ngayon i feel better kahit may konting plematil pa ring sumama sa intermittent ubo episodes. ganun.



maligayang kaarawan, bb. nora aunor!

The Real Nora Aunor
By Bibsy Carballo As Published In Star Studio Magazine July, 2007 Issue

There is no Filipino, young or old, who has not heard of Nora Aunor. Nora, or more fondly Ate Guy, broke the prevailing idol stereotyoe of the mestiza beauties with family pedigrees. The 4’l0" dark-skinned Nora was someone the masses could identify with. To this day, none have been able to match the mass hysteria and adulation she invoked.

Entertainment figure Boy Abunda confesses in his column. There is not one actor in history that would make me faint except for Nora Aunor. I tremble. I get tongue-tied. I cower. Such is the power of the Superstar. Director Lupita Aquino Kashiwahara, who was Nora’s ninang in her marriage to Christopher de Leon, elaborates, If Guy were to sit immobile in a chair, as in a scene, she would exude the kind of emotions dictated by the moment and demanded by the director. When she sings, she moves into a different realm and transports us to another dimension. Charisma? It’s much more than that. It’s like the song of a sirena that beckons to untold promises.

Fast forward to 2007. The Superstar is 54 years old and has been living in the USA for almost five years. She has done some singing stints here and there, shot a digital movie, until she got embroiled in a drug case that brought her again to the forefront of media attention. Currently serving a sentence of community work, she faces yet another more controversial issue with even wider repercussions.

T-Bird At Ako

Enterprising reporter Jojo Gabinete chanced upon an entry in the Marriage Inquiry System of Clark County, Las Vegas, where a Nora Villamayor (Nora’s real name) and a Richard James Merck were married July 7, 1998, and subsequently a Nora Villamayor and a Norie Sayo on May 22, 2000, which he quickly wrote about in his tabloid column. It was the latter, a same-sex marriage, that caught attention.

Many of us in the entertainment sector have met Norie through her decades- long association with Guy as her musical director and confidante. If there was any special relationship between them, we didn’t know and didn’t really care. It was their own business, after all. None was not the first female to be linked with the Superstar through the years. The only difference was that unlike all her other relationships, real or imagined, this time a legal document was involved giving credence to the rumor.

Still, apart from those in the world outside of the entertainment sector who were incredulous and shocked, most of those in movies, television, and music were hardly jarred by the news.

An avowed Noranian who dubbed Guy as the One And Only Superstar entertainment columnist Ronald. Constantino simply shrugs his shoulders saying, So what else in new?" Another columnist Billy Balbastro who has known Guy from her earliest days simply says "She is unpredictable. She can do anything like marry someone of the same sex.

The irrepressible Lolit Solis, manager of Christopher de Leon, who until these discoveries was the only husband on record of Guy, laughs It’s no big deal. Let’s put it this way. If Ate Vi (Vilma Santos) got married to a girl, it would be shocking but with Nora it is nothing extraordinary.

German Moreno, who has been hounded by reporters and the broadcast media since the news came out states simply, Ewan kung totoo, pero alam mo naman, this was in Vegas where it’s so easy to get married and divorced in one day. Posibleng katuwaan lang yan, if ever.

Lupita who is one of Guy’s favorite directors (Superstar on TV and the acclaimed Minsa’y Isang Gamu-Gamo) agrees conclusively, I was not surprised by her romantic entanglement with Norie Sayo. But I have my doubts that they went through the serious ceremony of marriage. More likely at some katuwaan they went through some kind of a ritual. The last time I had a chat with Norie, over a year ago, she and Guy were having a business tiff. Norie was definitely in pain with the separation and I can only surmise that there was more to it. She cared for Guy a lot.

Beyond the same sex marriage

Part of this was her habitual tardiness or simply absence from her shows, shootings, or tapings. June Rufino, executive secretary (manager, confidante, lawyer) to Guy for four years from 1974-78 during possibly the most tumultuous years of her life remembers one instance when she made Mother Lily Monteverde of Regal wait for hours at her Valencia residence. The lady producer was so incensed she swore that one day the house would be hers. This, of course, came to pass.

Kitchie says that in the 22 years of Superstar where Kuya Germs was a host, Siguro for 10 years Kuya Germs did it alone. She would call and say, masakit ang ulo ko,or sometimes she would come but not sing, or sometimes wouldn’t even talk. But you learn to live with it.

But why, we wonder would anyone live with this type of behavior? A distinguished psychiatrist who had some professional dealings with a member of Guy’s immediate family explains, "The persona she projects in public is very different from that in private. There is a multiplicity of personalities. That is a character disorder. Some people like that commit suicide. In Guy’s case, it is not physical suicide, but injurious behavior to herself and to her audience. Despite all the seemingly respectful po and kawawa image she shows, she is actually bastos in her behavior. Isn’t it bastos to make people wait on the set of your movie or TV show for hours upon hours and then not appear? There is a total disregard for rules."

Ronald, however, who met the Superstar very early in her career ascertains that even then, she already had this habit of saying po to everyone. It wasn’t put-on but part of her personality.

It is therefore these multiple personalities of Guy that those close to her are given a glimpse of, and which they try to understand and forgive. Kitchie tells us, There would be times when I would hate her, but then you always go back and try to understand her. She doesn’t have two faces, she has four, five, even more. She is the perfect Gemini, adds Baby K. Jimenez, veteran entertainment writer.

Fortunately for Guy, she has been blessed with numerous talents that add to her charisma, which makes it very easy for people she has hurt to forgive her. Tirso Cruz III explains the lack of discipline which started when they were practically just entering their teens. You have to remember that we were so young then. The presence of so much pressure on her, flooded with adulation resulted in negative reactions from her. It was an act of rebellion. It’s like the tantrum of a child against so many things she was being made to do, I went through that phase myself. You feel that everyone wants a piece of you and nothing is left for you.

This rebellion has also manifested itself in all her actions, in the purported drug abuse, in the innate lying, in the habitual buying and selling of the 40 houses she lived in, in her short term relationships.

Our psychiatrist continues, "She has a personality disorder that may be traceable to her childhood, or may be a result of instant fame (some people who can’t deal with fame go into drugs or commit suicide). There is this passive-aggressive personality trait, that is manipulative at the same time. And most often, people with these personality disorders are not aware of their illness. Other people are at fault, never themselves."

La Aunor’s unpredictability

Despite the belief of many that we were part of that clique in the ‘70s and ‘80s that kept close guard over the Superstar, our only real encounter with Nora Aunor was on the set of the Experimental Cinema of the Philippines’ (ECP) opus, Himala. We were offered to line produce this film by Charo Santos, then with the ECP which produced it. It was our very first experience in line-producing and with a schedule that would take three months in the desert of Paoay, Ilocos Norte with thousands of people in the cast, a temperamental director like Ishmael Bernal, and an even more temperamental star like Nora Aunor, we were petrified to say the least.

This was already 1982. Guy was 29, had been through her most turbulent years that included legal cases with Sampaguita where she was a contract star; had already undergone a number of early teenage romances with Tirso Cruz III, Manny de Leon, and Christopher de Leon whom she had married and separated from and other romantic dalliances that are said to include President Joseph Estrada, Richard Merck, Mario O’ Hara, Bembol Roco, and John Rendez.

We were ready for the worst

Again, Guy surprised all of us by being her unpredictable self. Not only was she excellent in her performance, she was also on her best behavior. She was on the set when needed, at the time she was needed, and never once misbehaved in all those three months. The only instance shooting was affected was when she drove a vehicle, got into a minor accident, and had to be airlifted to Manila for check-up, after which she returned immediately to the set. Himala went on to become her greatest picture and many of her movies like Bilangin Ang Bituin Sa Langit, Bona, Condemned, and Bulaklak Sa City Jail have consistently been ranked as the best of Philippine cinema.

If Nora Aunor, therefore, is accepted as the country’s most important actress, shouldn’t it give her license to behave as any diva with a list of unreasonable demands? Of course, the answer is no. But in the entertainment world, a Nora Aunor with all her eccentricities is not only accepted, but admired for doing what she wants to do and to hell with all of you.

She does, however, have her many positive traits. There are people who swear by her and this includes Ronald Constantino who claims that there was not a single instance when she disappointed me in any way.

It is not true either that she does not know the meaning of love. June remembers Guy’s wedding to Boyet, which was consecrated while they were submerged in the waters of Bauang, La Union, in April 1975. She was witness to the love between Boyet and Guy.

She was with Guy during the years she was married to Boyet and remembers that final breakup. We had just come home and were standing in the middle of the hallway. Boyet comes out of the bedroom with his suitcases, sees her and says, Putang ina mo! To which she answers, Putang inamo rin! When he had gone, she takes me to the game room below and we listen to the song Love is Blind for ten hours from evening till the next day na paulit-ulit, while she was crying all the time and drinking.

She had that ability to attract love and affection from all. Man, woman, friend. Not a few came under her spell. Says Baby K. I believe both Pipo and Boyet really fell in love with bulilit (her nickname for Guy) deeply. Guy has this knack, masyadong malambing and maasikaso. She could be generous and would go to any lengths to please a partner. Extra thoughtful, selosa, very skilled in her ways to endear herself.

What to do therefore with a problem like Aunor? She with the conflicting personalities, with that seemingly endless search for real love and affection, with that continuous death wish exhibited in aberrant behavior.

Kashiwahara sums up the feelings of many who have known and loved the Superstar. I loved her talent. She is a national treasure. I disliked her lack of discipline, her un-professionalism, her weaknesses, her lifestyle, and most of all, the feeling of sayang. The tragedy of a Nora Aunor like most cosmic stars is the waste and the squander of fortune, fame, and idolization of the masses. She could have been a force for good, a continuing dream of the impoverished masa, a source of joy with her undiminished talent. And still, the tragedy need not continue. For as long as the heart beats, there is time for triumph. Guy can still make one more comeback.

- mula sa laaunorsuperstar.blogspot nahugot ang artikulong ito ni ms. carballo. bilang pag-aalala sa ika-55 na kaarawan ni ms. nora aunor sa mayo 21... pagbati mula sa anchafluconchuchu!

balat ng ngipin

talamak sa ugnayang mortal ang bisa at sigalot na dulot ng pagsisinungaling. ang ga-munggong pagtiris sa katotohanan ay maaring lumobo at maging sanhi ng di matawarang salanta sa katinuan ng sinumang direktang maaapektuhan nito. wala sa sibil na kaanyuan ang hugis ng panlilinlang na iginagawad ng mga kaluluwang di naghuhunos-diling baluktutin ang tama at palitawing totoo ang mali. sari-saring uri ang pagsisinungaling, marahil lahat tayo ay nakaranas nito sa iba't ibang antas at kulay. kadalasang napagtuunan ito ng pansin sa larangan ng pag-ibig... ang taksil ay kailangang isang singungaling rin; ang hindi paglalahad ng sarili sa nililiyag ay uring pagsisinungaling rin maituturing. dahil dito, malamang na ang karamihang ugat ng mga malalagim na krimen ay kagagawan ng mga singungaling.

ang kasinungalingan ng isang tao ay hindi natin lubusang isisi sa kanya lamang; dapat damay ang kanyang magulang at nakaraan. kasama na riyan ang malutong na paniniwala ng kanyang mga ninuno sa kahalagahan ng kawalang-galang sa masinop na pakikisalamuha sa kapwa at sa kalakhan ng mundo. sa pagninilay ng mga taong na-rehab sa ganitong kalakaran; marami silang maipupuntong dahilan: una, likas na sa kanilang ikubli ang katotohanan tuwing may magtatanong tungkol sa mga maseselang bagay. pangalawa, upang ipanatag panandalian ang loob ng mga nagtatanong. pangatlo, hindi mahalagang makalkal pa ang totoo, kung hindi rin lang naman ito magiging dahilan ng pagkagunaw ng mundo. pang-apat, kung ano ang dapat mong malaman 'yong lang ang matatanggap mo. at marami pang paghuhugas-bigas na hindi naayon muli sa matiwasay na paglalakbay ng sangkatauhan sa bawat sulok at gilid ng bawa't araw ng likha ng Diyos.

marapatin man, kailangang sa pusod ng mga sumisibol na kaisipan ng mga sanggol ay ipunla ang ginintuang pamana ng bawa't magulang : na sa gitna ng masalimuot na buhay, wala pa ring tatalo sa mga walang bahid na sila'y nagsinungaling sa balat ng kanilang ngipin!


'holding the sun'

mapadalas man o mapadalang ; walang hihigit pa sa tuwang nadarama tuwing ako'y nakakatanggap ng mga ganitong larawan mula sa aking magandang kasin na nasa covina. cute noH?


ang lihim ng laot

dahil sa biglang paglangoy ni dyesebel sa ere, bigla kong naalala ang maikling kwento ng aking lola. isang kwentong hindi mo matatawag na alamat dahil ito ay naganap noong kanyang kabataan sa mga unang taon ng nakaraang siglo. kahit halos tumatakbo sa isa hanggang dalawang taon lamang kami nagkakasama tuwing bakasyon, walang pagsawang pinapaulit-ulit ko ito sa kanya. narito ang kwento sa maaabot harinawa ng aking alala...
... sa isang bayan sa bohol kung saan siya ipinanganak at nagdalaga, una siyang niligawan ng isang mangingisdang tatawagin nating dudung. bagama't malaki ang agwat ng kanilang katayuan sa lipunan hindi naging hadlang upang ituloyang kanyang pamimintuho. syempre, nang malaman ng asenderong ama ang nangyayaring ligawan, pinagbawalan na nito ang anak na makisalamuha sa mga tiga-sawang , o ang baryo sa may pier. labis itong na ikinasama ng loob ni dudung at isang gabi ay naglasing at pumalaot mag-isa. ilang araw ring nag-alala ang kanyang mga magulang at kapwa mangangalakaya, dahil sa kanyang biglang paglaho. hinanap siya ng mga ito ngunit kaipala'y bigla rin itong sumulpot. laking mangha nilang lahat dahil halos umapaw sa lamang-dagat ang kanyang maliit na bangka. doon na nagsimula ang kanyang pag-unlad. pumapalaot itong mag-isa, at sa kanyang pagbabalik laging sagana sa isda. bagama't mangha ang lahat, hindi na nila pinag-abalahan pang sitahin ito. di naglaon, nagpatayo na ito ng isang magarang bahay sa bayan at muling nanligaw sa aking lola. hindi na nagawang ipagtabuyan ng aking lolo sa tuhod si dudung dahil isa na ito sa mga pinagpipitaganang mamayan ng kanilang lugar. nguni't sadya rin palang wala talagang gusto sa kanya ang babae. nang hindi nito nakamit ang matamis na 'oo' ay nagsimula itong maging masungit at madalas ay nagpapainom sa kanyang bahay. minsan raw sa kanyang kalasingan ay naihinga nito ang kanyang mga paghihimutok. aniya, kung alam lang sana niyang kahit siya yumaman ng ganoon at hindi pa rin niya makamit ang puso ng dalagang nililiyag ; sana ay hindi na niya nagawa pang mambola ng isang sirena! dugtong raw nito, nang siya'y nawala ng ilang araw at gabi sa laot siya ay kinandili ng isang 'kataw' o sirena at naaliw sa kanyang pagsipol habang ito ay umaawit. bagama't hindi ito tahasang nagsasalita, wari niya'y nagkakaunawaan sila sa pamamagitan ng isip. at dahil alam ng sirena na ang makapagbibigay saya sa kanya ay masaganang ani sa dagat, kusa raw nitong inilalagak ang sari-saring isda . pagkaraan ng ilang taon, bigla na ring naglahong tuluyan si dudung at hindi na muli pang nakita. ilang mangingisda na rin ang biglang yumaman sa kanilang bayan, ewan kung katulad ni dudung ay may nakilala silang sirena...


'PLONING' ... tagpi-tagping alaala sa gitna ng mga aninong gumagalaw

malaon na ring panahong hindi ako pumapasok sa anumang sinehan. lalo't higit kung ang palabas ay likhang pinoy dahil di katagalan ay mapapanood na rin ang mga ito sa cinemaOne o sa pinoy blockbuster channel ng viva. wala rin akong kaamor-amor sa mga panghikayat ng mga trailer o ng mga sinasabi ng mga nakapanood sa mga premiere nights ng mga ito. at , tabi-tabi lang po ; sobrang gasgas na ang mga inilalahad nitong kwento kuno ng pag-ibig at ng buhay... akala ko habangbuhay nang hindi kikita sa akin ang mga sineng atin, hanggang sa bigla na lang lumitaw ang balitang gumigiling na ang kamera ng PANORAMANILA productions sa cuyo island para sa isang pelikulang pinagbibidahan ni judy ann santos bilang 'PLONING'. ayon sa mga press release, ito ay sinulat at dinirihe ni dante nico garcia, isang production designer at matalik na kaibigan ni juday. sa estado ng pinakasikat na artistang babae ng kanyang panahon, hindi matatawaran ang talas ng kanyang desisyong maging prodyuser ng sariling pelikula. lalong nakakahangang isipin na ipinaubaya niya ang istorya at direksyon sa first timer na si garcia. masasabi ring napaka-inspirado ng buong kalakarang pampelikula nito dahil ito ay napapalamutian ng mga bukod-tanging pagganap ng mga batikang artistang malapit sa puso ni juday.

at nahikayat na nga akong sugurin ang pinakamalapit na sinehan upang panoorin ito. lumublob ako sa marahang daloy ng mga eksena sa loob ng pinagtagpi-tagping hiwaga ng kasaysayan nito. napangiti sa malulutong na 'postcard' pretty na mga tanawing isinaliw sa ginantsilyong paglalahad ng katuturan ni ploning sa gitna ng kanyang katahimikan at matalinhagang pananaw sa buhay at pag-ibig ng kanyang panahon. bawa't sulpot ng karakter ni tessie tomas, bilang 'celeste' ay laging may pandagdag na detalye sa katauhang kahit pinag-uusapan na lamang ay laman ng mayamang alaala ng kanilang nakaraan. ang isinantabi niyang damdamin at paglapat ng pagmamahal sa batang si digo at ang makabuluhan nilang samahang magkakaibigan ay mga natatanging palaman ng panooring ito. ang 'paghahanap' ni mou sei, at ang 'maalat' na himutok ng ginampanang papel ni gina pareƱo ; mga maituturing na natatanging mga bato sa buhangin ng matulaing dalampasigan ng cuyo...

nakagagaang isiping isang pelikulang walang sex o violence o panlalamang sa kapwa at sa sarili ang lumutang sa unang bugso ng tag-araw ng 2008 ; napakasarap isiping sa di kalayuang nakaraan ay malamang isang mundo na pinamugaran ng marubdob na katauhang katulad ni PLONING...

narito ang sinopsis ng 'ploning' mula sa website nito:

In the picturesque island of Cuyo, Palawan, an illegal Taiwanese fishing vessel docks carrying the fisherman named Muo Sei, a man looking forsomething or someone with the name Ploning. He has from sunrise to sundown to look for this "Ploning".
In his search, Ploning is revealed to be the island's town belle of the year 1982. A dutiful daughter to patriarch Susing, a committed supporter to grieving Intang, an honorary sister to extended family Nieves and Toting a wise ally to simpleton Alma, a supporter to broken-hearted Siloy and a co-mother to half-paralyzed Juaning. A woman so important that the townbarely notices the absence of rain because of her presence in their lives.
Despite her renowned beauty, everyone is puzzled why this 30-year-old spinster refuses to get married and still hopefully waits for her beau, Tomas, to come back. Tomas left for Manila when Ploning was 16 years old and there has been no sign of him coming back any time soon. Ploning's silent demeanor adds to the mystery and depth of love that no one seems to understand.. In the center of this, is a 6-year-old boy named Digo who has built his world around the affection and care of Ploning, his foster mother. But his entire world crashes as he learns that Ploning has plans of going to Manila to look for Tomas. Thus, leaving the boy with his bed-ridden mother, Juaning and his strict older brother, Veling. Digo trieseverything to stop Ploning from leaving and finds an ally in the town's visitor, the beautiful town nurse, Celeste. Celeste claims to have known and fallen in love with a man named Tomas and tried to follow him in Cuyo to find out if he loved him back. Ploning, with security and so much faith, denies that her Tomas and the man Celeste fell in love with are the same man. On the day of the fiesta, the rain comes and Ploning seems to be missing. Digo'sfeeling of abandonment leads to a tragedy that grieves the town. But no one was prepared for the secret that Ploning has kept all these years. A secret that exemplifies the selfless love that withstands blood, pain and even time.
Did Ploning choose closure with the man she has been waiting for half her life or the future of young boy whose life is not her own?
Will Muo Sei find his Ploning, accept the love revealed to him or continue to walk in hate?


kiemelitic as in churvalific?

dedma. wa lang aketchiwa ga-move. as in. dedma talaga. sa simpleng kadahilanan ng pagka-utal without batting an eyelash , sobrang dedma lang talaga aketchiwa. una, nahearangga ketch sa radyo ang isang call-in survey at ang tanong ay : "may tiwala pa ba kayo kay senator peter cayetano kahit personal nyang inabswelto ang pangulong arroyo sa zte scam?" dedmahin at kevs. pero ayon sa isang epalynforster, halata raw'ng 'kadugo' ni gloria si cayetano. so ngayon, mas matibay ang 'kadugo' kesa sa 'kapuso' o 'kapamilya'? ehem, paano naman kaya ang mga 'kaatay', 'karectum' , etc? kevs. heto naman biglang hagulgol ni jobert sucaldito sa radyo rin, diumano, sa kanyang natanggap na demand letter mula sa kampo ng kanyang ididemandang si rose flaminiano , lantarang kabastusan sa kanyang pagkatao ang i-address siyang 'jobert sucal-dito o sucal-doon', at nilait pa siya nang sabihing ang hihingin daw nilang damyos ay 'piso at isang platitong mani' dahil wa daw siya andaluch! crayola as in river-river of tears talaga ang shokla! oo nga naman. hwag naman ganun. kung bastos kang tao, hwag mong idamay ang apelyido o buong pangalan ng kinaasaran. foul yon, mommy! foul! as in. pero syempre, bakit mo nga naman hahanapan ng poise at decency ang isang dating nagprodyus ng mga pelikulang may kuyangyangan, kangkangan at dyog-dyogan? wa na. kaya dedmahin na lang at syempre as my now deceased mother used to say: 'sarilinin mo ang iyong kababuyan, hwag mong abalahin ang kapwa sa iyong pagkakalat!'